Micansan and Shafiqaman collaborated on 2004 in order to achieve their products into the world standards and quality.

Instead of being only the tanker producer with the name of Micansan Sahfiqaman, we aimed to give the best qualified and innovative service to their customer, also reached today’s future based brand with very serious steps.

     Our Company is not only a producer, also the best service partner for their customers to solve your problems and improves this principle continuously.

     We consider the companies, which are buying the products from us, not only just as a customer, but also as shareholders that we should always take a part on nearby. This is our main characteristic that defines the service quality from us.

     Our competent and well qualified employers are always ready to evaluate your questions and opinions just with short phone conservation or E-Mails from your sides.

     Just purchasing a product from us, you could freely consider that our workers and company belong to you as well.